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The architecture has many influences from “the New Hague School”, an architectural style from the interbellum period. That distinguishes itself from the Amsterdam school by its sleek design and the new building by its luxurious design. The use of brick and concrete edging are all hallmarks of this style that was heavily influenced by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. In addition, typical facade features can be seen on the facade at the end of the 1930s, the common entrance and the original construction of the houses also use stained glass. And the typical 1930s separations.

Points of interest



  1. Estate Meer en Bos
  2. Kijkduin Boulevard
  3. Natural playground in Meer en Bos
  4. Maison Kelder, Confectionery
  5. Shoppingcentrum Savornin Lohmanplein




1941 image from The Hague Image Collection


The Verdistraat, named after Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi (Le Roncole, October 10, 1813 – Milan, January 27, 1901) who was an organist, pianist, conductor but above all composer. Verdi was one of the greatest composers of Italian operas, of which he wrote twenty-six. His operas were very popular during his life and still are.

The composer’s neighborhood was built between 1939-1950. As one of the last neighborhoods bordering the Laan van Meerdervoort, which runs through The Hague as an artery.
The design takes into account the preservation of many green areas in the area.

Description & Features


High quality and completely renovated apartment on the ground floor, ground floor with front and back garden located on the South! Equipped with a new luxury kitchen, with all desired built-in appliances and a luxurious bathroom. A unique project in the green Bohemia, near Kijkduin.

* If you are interested in the property, please contact us. At this stage, the home can be personalized if desired.

– All walls and floors are fully insulated
the entire apartment is also equipped with double glazing, which results in an energy label A!
– The electricity is completely renewed
– All water and gas pipes are replaced
– New wooden floors
– New frames and Skantrea doors
– New luxury kitchen with all desired built-in appliances from Siemens
– New economical combination boiler in combination with a completely new central heating system

The house is delivered with the Cattenburg Standard
“A home that is ready for the future”

on request
Property type
Year of construction
110 m²
Bohemen - Composers area
Outdoor space
Front and backyard

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