Purchase and Inventory

With every new project we use the same issue, this house offers us the possibility to apply our method and standards.
We use our knowledge and experience to search and find these possibilities and perspectives of a home.

Can we make this home energy efficient?

Which materials can we use best here?

What are we going to replace, which original details can be restored?

In short, which modification and transformations should we implement at this property so that it is “ready for the future”.

Plan of action

Based on the above analysis and findings, we will work on the concrete and feasible solutions.
Who are the potential residents? What are their wishes and needs?
Do we opt for a loft, a roof structure or create a roof terrace in this house?
What is the light like in this house, do we realize an open kitchen or a second bathroom …?

We translate the answers from the inventory into a plan of action under the supervision of the architect, structural engineer, structural engineer and our contractor. The architect draws the plan, structural engineer and structural engineer translate
this to the plan of action in practice. Finally, the contractor carries it out.
The required permits are requested to start the renovation.

We only use high-quality materials that are the best quality and some wise long-term choices. In addition,
we often opt for this;

  • Skantrae wooden interior doors with the FSC and PEFC quality mark collective quality mark STIP.
    With this certificate you are assured of having a door (s) in the home, the production of which has been achieved in a sustainable manner. Trees used for your Skantrae interior door come from sustainably managed forests.
  • Our wooden flooring supplier also bears the FSC quality mark and these sustainable floors are laid by a professional who maintains, among other things, the floor of the Vredespaleis and the Rijksmuseum!
  • German Nobilia kitchens equipped with Siemens kitchen equipment, here too we make the most sustainable and energy-efficient choices, such as the induction hobs with integrated extraction systems.
  • The most energy efficient HR boilers, usually from Remeha, which contribute to a higher energy rating.
  • Ecological Sisal carpet. Sisal carpet has a long life, is very strong, durable and sound-damping. It is a 100% natural material and completely biodegradable
  • High-quality insulation materials with a high Resistance Construction value (or Rc value). How low the lambda value and how high the Rd value of an insulation material is, determines how high the Rc value is.
    A high Rc value is better able to keep the heat in your house in the winter and outside it in the summer!
  • In addition to the façade, wall and roof insulation, we use extra insulation with Fermacell floor elements for both intermediate and ground floor floors, these are two plaster fiber panels that are glued together and finished with an insulating underlay, this can be a layer of wood fiber, mineral wool, felt or polystyrene. The plates are fire resistant. In addition to increasing the above Rc value, it also provides sound insulation between floors and / or apartments.
  • Finally, some information about the material that we consciously choose for our wash basins and bathtubs in the homes, namely Solid Surface. Solid surface is high quality material and, as the name suggests, has a solid surface. It contains no pores and seams, so solid surface provides better protection against fungi and bacteria. Moreover, it is more resistant to scratches, also because of the crystal particles that are included in the mix of raw materials. It is a composite, produced from minerals and resins. The material is fully recyclable, so it does not cause any environmental damage. In addition, the material is incredibly strong and therefore lasts a long time.
    Due to its solid material, solid surface products are shock-resistant.

The Sustainable Renovation can start…


The Sustainable Renovation

Our contractor and his team, which works under the supervision of the architect and structural engineer, implement all the ideas, innovations and restorations that have arisen in accordance with the action plan.

In the meantime, all renovations are intensively checked by the supervisor and the architect.
“Notice, adjust and evolve”.

Rebuilding is an organic process that requires new insight every day.
Sometimes, quite unexpectedly, we discover, for example, a beautiful hidden ceiling that requires saving for future generations.
And even then our method offers sufficient flexibility to positively change our plans. Our projects are always carried out as standard with:

New electricity and piping

New central heating system and energy-efficient combi boiler

Stucco and paintwork



Kitchen with various appliances

Parquet floor and matching baseboards

What results in the homes realized by Cattenburg.

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